Al Hakam Company was established in Syria in the Syrian city of Idlib in 2013 and the aim of the foundation was to cover the need of the Syrian market for feed and vegetable oils. The company imported many types of fodder and vegetable oil, and also exported various types of fodder and legumes out of Syria. The company’s work expanded to include direct cooperation with many companies active in the Turkish market, which encouraged the company to open another branch in Turkey in 2017. The opening of the branch in Turkey led to the opening of the company to European markets and strengthened the name of Al-Hakam as an active and powerful company in the import and export market , Especially fodder, vegetable oil, vegetables and fruits. Al-Hakam has established a foothold in the markets of Iraq, North Africa and the Persian Gulf, not to mention the presence of companies in China, Russia and Ukraine.

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Yeni Mah. 118. Sk. No: 26 İç Kapı No: 1. Reyhanlı / Hatay